Know-how of International Politics

Comparative Politics*


      • Comparative Politics
      • Governance.

      • System, Process and Policy
      • Culture, Socialization. Interests: Political Parties. Art of Governance. Public Policy.

    • Politics in Britian
    • Current Challenges. The Legacy. One crown: Five Nations. Culture and Legitemacy. Socialization and Participation. Etc..

    • Politics in France
    • Current Challenges. The history. Economy and Society. The Consitutional Tradition. Culture. Socialization. Recruitement and Style of Elites. Etc..

    • Politics in Germany
    • Current Challenges. The Historical Legacy. Following Two Paths. Social Forces. The Institutions and Structure of Government. Etc..

    • Politics in Russia
    • Ensuring Continuity of Leadership. Current Challenges. Historical Legacies. The Contempory Constitutional Order. Political Culture in the Post-Sovjet Period. Etc..

    • Politics in China
    • Current Challenges. Historical Setting. Social Conditions. Structure of the Party-State. Socialization. Culture. Participation. Etc..

    • Politics in Mexico
    • Current Challenges. Historical Perspectives. Culture. Mass Political Socialization. Participation. Political Structure and Institutions. Etc..

    • Politics in Brazil
    • Current Challenges. Historical Perspectives. Economy and Society. Institutions and Structure of Government. Culture. Recruitment and Participation. Etc..

    • Politics in India
    • Current Challenges. History in the making of Contempory Politics. The "Givens"of Indian Society. Institutions and Process. Etc..

    • Politics in the United States
    • Current Challenges. History. Social Conditions. The Constitutional System. Culture and Socialization. Participation and Recruitment. Etc..
    * Comparative Politics Today: A World View, Global Edition A World View, Global Edition Kaare Strom (Author), Russell J. Dalton (Author), Powell Jr., G. Bingham (Author)